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Local Attractions

Local Attractions


Magnificent Yilan

Yilan’s rich, diverse natural landscapes and cultures make it the perfect place to relax in body and mind, as well as to experience the beauty of nature. Yilan was known as Kavalan in ancient times and still preserves its original unadorned personality as well as its hometown sentiment.

Different themed events take place in the town of Yilan throughout the year; there are traditional festivals and ceremonies, as well as culturally rich folk customs such as the Toucheng Cianggu(Grappling with the ghost) and Erlong River Boat Race etc. In addition, ceremonies including the Guohuo (Walking across the fire), Zaoang (Wife-carrying activity), Guaguan (Lucky coin hanging), Qigui (Turtle praying ceremony), Baibo (Embankment praying ceremony) etc. are also unique local customs.

 Gourmet Food and Leisurely Tours

The great mountains and rivers of Yilan have not only formed resplendent scenery, but have also nurtured diverse agricultural products. Yilan’s unique gourmet dishes and renowned delicacies that can be found in the streets, alleys, and night markets are essential to savoring the great flavors and tastes when visiting the Lanyang Plain.

Seafood lovers cannot afford to miss Yilan. Traveling along the coastline, one will be able to savor mouthwatering seafood in local restaurants in Aodi Fishing Port, Gengfang Fishing Port, Wushi Port, Daqi Fishing Port, Suao Port and Nan Fang Ao Fishing Port, and so on.

LOHAS Recreational Fun

The beauty of Yilan can be found everywhere. From ecological tours, culture & arts, ancient city sightseeing to recreation, each has its unique charm. The azure ocean blending into the sky, together with the cultural tourism sites such as the Water Park and the Center for Traditional Arts, form an epitome of Lanyang’s nature and culture.

You can follow the recommended in-depth tours to explore the dynamic Lanyang landscape, and to fully appreciate the local customs, practices and culture of Lanyang.

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