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Research Project

The purpose of Lanyang Museum is to actively promote the cultural, humanistic and natural specimens and relics, in order to protect the important cultural heritage of Yilan County.

In terms of research, we intend to systematically conduct the investigation and study of Yilan’s cultural, humanistic and natural resources. Through academic interchanges, the intention is to create Yilan’s diverse research center, thereby enriching the museum’s content and cultivating museum personnel, and ultimately enhance the museum’s perspective and academic status. The research of the museum is interdisciplinary (including anthropology, ethnology, zoology, botany and geology), and the main tasks involve the integral and systematic collection and research of the region, which stimulate cultural preservation and environmental sustainability.. Under limited research staff, the museum has progressively established Yilan’s research database through individual, partnership, commission and incentives; furthermore, collaborations have been made with academia such as the Institute of Yilan County History to form the comprehensive joint research database. The ultimate objective is to achieve full digitization for facilitating academic research and assisting exhibition education.

Publications by the Lanyang Museum

The publications of the museum aim to present the different faces of Yilan to the readers . There are 3 series of publications to satisfy readers’ different needs . We have extended the content of the exhibits into the Lanyang Museum Book Series to highlight local features and perspectives from different ethnic groups, as well as preserving the local culture and natural resources. The Lanyang Museum Collection Series introduce the museum’s collection with local and foreign data.The accomplishments of the museum’s research projects become the Lanyang Museum Research series, which will be showcased during the education event to achieve the dissemination and sharing of knowledge.

Anyone interested in purchasing Lanyang Museum publications, please contact the following stores or online book stores.

(Note: Stores available throughout Taiwan can be found in the “Where to find the book” section of the Government’s Publications website.)

  1. Official publications stores
  2. Government Publications Bookstore Songjiang store(02-25180207)
  3. Wunan Books (04-22260330 ext.28 or 10)
  4. CCA Consumer’s Cooperative (02-23434168)

*Online bookstores:

  1. Government Online Bookstore http://www.govbooks.com.tw
  2. CCA Online Bookstore http://books.cca.gov.tw
  3. Wunan Books Online Bookstore http://www.wunanbooks.com.tw
  4. Related link: Official publications Echo Network http://open.nat.gov.tw
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