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Story of LYM Emblem

The emblem of Lanyang Museum attempts to convey “The Harmony and Symbiosis between Mankind and Nature” and “Association between Mankind and History”. During initial stages of design, discussions were made among experts in museology, literature and history, natural ecology, local painters, CIS designers and dignitaries in the County before the decision was made to adopt the traditional wooden sculpture human-figure totem from the Kavalan Tribe, which most aptly expresses the above-mentioned connotations. Furthermore, the Lanyang Museum emblem also implies another meaning: countless people from all over Taiwan “selflessly contributed their efforts to make the creation of the museum possible.” Within such a small human-figure totem, it also conceals the profound respect towards them.
Little green man
In 1999, the first phase of Lanyang Museum’s CIS color scheme was planned, using glossy dark green as the fundamental tone; the original motive was to express the landscape image of the Yilan Plain, where rectangular paddy fields decorated the Lanyang Plain, symbolizing that Yilan’s Family cultural museums also have the incessant vitality of the paddy rice.
In 2010, Lanyang Museum, under preparation for 19 years, was finally complete. The form of museum, which blends in the landscape of the northeast coast “The Cuesta”, features the magnificent and elegant blue-grey color tone of the reefs. The second phase of the CIS color scheme adjusted the color of the museum emblem in order to match the color of the building and give it a harmonious visual impression.
Totem with hat
In order to use the totem more vividly, another human-figure totem was incorporated, hoping to introduce the Kavalan Tribe’s human-figure engraving pattern, which is usually found on hat decorations, to the general public.
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