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Venue Rental

Venue Rental Temporarily Suspended

  1. Due to upcoming exhibitions, the 1F research and study classroom will not be available for rental from now until December 31, 2011. Events already approved will take place as scheduled, we apologize for any inconvenience.
  2. If there are any changes to the above-mentioned dates, separate announcements will be made.

Note for venue rental

One: While using the venue, the maintenance of safety and public order is the responsibility of the applicant. The following rules should be observed while using the venue:

Ⅰ : Conference room, seminar room and classroom

  1. Cannot be used for business, weddings, funerals or dangerous performance.
  2. Visitors who are not appropriately dressed, wearing clogs, slippers, spiked shoes or in possession of dangerous articles will not be allowed to enter.
  3. Eating, smoking, lighting explosives, candles or other fire hazards is prohibited.
  4. When putting up posters, hanging flags, banners or placing flower baskets etc., please do so in accordance with museum regulations.
  5. Without permission from the museum, the equipment in the museum or apparatus in the museum cannot be used, the fixed equipments are not to be changed; if additional lighting, audio equipment or performance facilities are required, permission must be gained from the museum. Furthermore, electrical loading and equipment safety should be ensured, and everything must be returned to their original condition afterwards.
    If damages occur, repairs must be performed immediately or compensated according to the cost.
  6. Decoration or rehearsals are limited to half a day, if air-conditioning or lighting is needed, it will be charged according to the standard rate.
  7. The applicant should restore the venue to original condition and clean up as soon as possible. Anything left behind after the cleaning period will be discarded by the museum as waste.

Ⅱ : Venue filming

  1. The content of the film should not violate customs or bring a negative image to the museum in any way.
  2. During filming, the applicant should not impede the execution of official duties.
  3. No destruction or relocation of the surrounding arrangement and landscape is allowed without prior permission.
  4. If outdoor electricity is needed, the applicant should bring their own electricity supply, the museum will not provide power.
  5. Indoor space of the museum will not be loaned during opening hours.
  6. If the applicant receives permission for additional decoration work, the venue must be restored to the original condition, anything in contravention will be removed and the fees will be deducted from the deposit.
  7. Should the applicant’s filming content infringe upon the rights of others, the applicant will be held solely responsible.

Two: Applicant who has contravened the regulations will not be allowed to continue to use the museum, while the deposit will be confiscated.
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