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Establishment Milestones

1989 Local Yilan personalities proposed establishing the “Kailan Museum”.
1991.2 Lian Zhan, former chairman of the Taiwan Provincial Government, instructed the Department of Education to assist Yilan to create the museum.
1992.12 Yilan County Government established the “Museum Preparatory & Planning Committee”, and the official name of “Lanyang Museum” was adopted; the museum’s location was chosen to be the Wushi Harbor area in Toucheng Town.
1994.9.16 Yilan County Government commissioned the NMNS and the National Taiwan University Building and Planning Research Foundation to form a planning team and implement the “Lanyang Museum Overall Development and Planning Research”, which was completed in June 1995.
1996.1 Commissioned the National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS) and the National Taiwan University Building and Planning Research Foundation to continue with the “Lanyang Museum Software/Hardware Detail Planning and Design Project”.
1999.3.19 The Executive Yuan officially sanctioned the grant and confirmed to share half of the museum construction expenses.
1999.3.20 “Lanyang Museum Preparatory Office” was established in the form of a task force.
2000.4.22 “Artech” Architectural office was awarded the design and construction rights of the Lanyang Museum.
2000.8 The urban planning announcement was completed by the Yilan County Government and zone expropriation was conducted to acquire and develop the land. Part of the ownership of the museum construction site was obtained.
2001.1 The Yilan County “Wild Bird Association” was Commissioned to conduct the “Yilan County Lanyang Museum Construction Site Peripheral Region and Yilan County Coastal Wetland Bird Ecology Research Program”, which was completed in April of the same year.
2001.1.4 The first issue of “Lanyang Museum” was published. It has now been published uop to issue No.17 (July 1, 2006) after which it was changed to the electronic version.
2001.6 “Artech” Architectural office completed the “Lanyang Museum Overall Planning Report”.
2001.10.5 The Museum Section of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Yilan County Government handed over 1924 cultural relics collection to the museum.
2002.5 “Artech” Architectural office was Commissioned to conduct basic design planning, detailed design, finalize detailed design and shop drawing reports.
2002.6 Museum construction land was designated as land for social education purposes through the alteration of urban project procedure, and conventional expropriation was conducted to acquire the land. The private land expropriation procedure was completed in July 2003.
2003.1.17 A cultural relics donation ceremony for the Wangye boat, Bozai boat and a tri-wheeler was held in the lobby of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Yilan County Government.
2003.2.14 The Suao-produced internal combustion engine for the Yong Yu Feng and Xin Quan Fu 216 fishing boat was collected.
2003.7.3 Cultural relics from the Huang Ju-ren Residence were presented to the NCTFA.
2003.7.13 “The 12th Office of the President, Local Cultural Exhibition, Yilan County”, Beautiful Hometown Exhibition Series Event, Yilan County was held in front of the Office of the President.
2003.12 Completed the detailed design plan and budget.
2004 The museum became an independent second-level government institution; the organizational structure consists of the head, secretary and three divisions, which are the Research & Collection Division, Exhibition & Education Division and the Administrative Division. Both government staff and education staff were employed.
2004.7.17 The pre-groundbreaking event “Museum Conglomeration: Tour of the Museums” of the Lanyang Museum was held in Jiuqiong City (Yilan City).
2004.7.31 The groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Lanyang Museum at Wushi Harbor.
2004.8.2 Construction began.
2004.12.8 The owner of the Ye Yi-xing Residence demolished the building. The Lanyang Museum urgently salvaged some important sections of the Ye Yi-xing Residence, such as the living room.
2004.12.16 Fourteen people from the Ye Yi-xing Residence, including Ye Shun-de donated 87 pieces of furniture such as the Bamian bed to the Lanyang Museum.
2005.6 The Detailed Operation- Research Project- Management Plan was completed in December.
2005.7.14 The Nanfeng, No.1 harpoon boat was transferred from the Nanan Junior High School of Suao Township to the Lanyang Museum to be an exhibit.
2005.8.23 Contractor Tianyi Construction Co., Ltd. experienced financial problems, construction came to a halt and the Yilan County Government terminated the contract on October 13, 2005.
2006 to date
2006.1.11 The outsourcing of the first phase of the landscape construction was finalized and construction was completed in November 2006.
2006.10.4 Tender for the Lanyang Museum Construction Project (continuation of construction) was reopened and the tender was won by Lijin Engineering Co., Ltd. Construction commenced on October 28.
2006.11.29 The tender for the Lanyang Museum Construction Project (electrical engineering) was awarded to Jiajia Plumbing.
2007.8.15 Nanfeng No.1 harpoon boat and the Yakitama Motor were hoisted to the 2F Ocean Level exhibition area.
2007.11.13 The manager of the museum’s main building structure, Mr. Chen Zhi-an from the Public Works Department of Yilan County Government, died in the line of duty.
2008.4.2 The beam for the main building structure of the Lanyang Museum was raised.
2008.6.16 The tender for main structure’s electrical engineering installation was awarded to Qiyi Construction Co., Ltd.
2008.8.25 The second phase of the landscape construction (the square, round trail, plantation, etc) was awarded to Shunying Construction.
2009.5.13 The nationally owned property at Wushi Harbor was transferred to the museum for management (land no. 95-1, 95-5 of the port sub-section of the Gangao section in Toucheng Town, Yilan County).
2009.8.28 First recruitment of volunteers for the museum started.
2010.3.25 Staff officially reported for duty at the Lanyang Museum.
2010.5.18 In conjunction with the International Museum Day, the museum began its first stage opening, only group visits made by advance reservations were accepted.
2010.6.25 “Beauty of the Handmade Craft- Yilan Living Arts Exhibition” was held at the second stage opening when the museum became fully open to the public.
2010.7.9 Large collections of cultural relics were shipped into the museum.
2010.8.30 The museum received the highest honor in the Taiwanese architecture industry, the Taiwan region outstanding award of the Seventh Far Eastern Architectural Design Award.
2010.10.16 Official opening.
Mr. Zhuang Jian-xu donated early lifestyle ceramic wares of Taiwan to the museum.
2010.10.27 The museum received the first prize for the Taiwan Architecture Award.
2010.12.4 Organized the reunion: Tonight, let’s return to our homeland to express our appreciation towards all the people who have contributed to the construction process.
2010.12.7 The museum received the top honor of the Tenth Public Works Golden Quality Award.
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