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Family Cultural Museums

Yilan has a unique natural environment, as well as friendly and vivid cultural characteristics, therefore during the early stages of establishment, Lanyang Museum Preparatory Office came up
with the concept of “Yilan as a Giant Museum”, and
promoted the first civil organization formed by local
museums “Yilan County Family cultural museums
Association” (abbreviated as the Lanyang Family
cultural museums). For a long time, Lanyang
Museum and Lanyang Family cultural museums
have jointly promoted the “Yilan is a
museum” ideal and movement; many
people with the same aspiration came
together, after communication and
discussions were made, they decided to
grow and develop together. By combining public
and private museums, as well as horizontal integration
of resources, Lanyang Family Cultural museums expects to uphold the management ideals of the museum (preservation of the valuable assets in Yilan) and operational functions (research, collection, exhibition, education), so as to become deep-rooted in this land of abundance and life.
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