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Dining & Gifts

Mr. Brown Coffee Lanyang Museum

Mr. Brown Coffee Lanyang Museum

The Mr. Brown Coffee, Lanyang Museum, has a spacious dining area unseen in most cafes. The high ceilings and glass walls of the café create a feeling of spaciousness. While enjoying afternoon tea, one can also admire the wetland ecology of the old Wushi Harbor outside by viewing it through the glass walls of the cafe and basking in the warm sunlight filtering through the glass. In the evening, don’t leave the museum in a hurry, why not take a rest and enjoy the exquisite dinner prepared at the Mr. Brown Coffee café. Take time to relax, satisfy your palate and have a perfect ending to your educational journey.

*Store name Mr. Brown Coffee Lanyang Store
*Business hours Monday to Sunday (08:00~22:00)
*Tel 03-977-5059
*Fax 03-977-9691
*Address No.750, Qingyun Rd., Toucheng Town, Yilan County. 1F of the Lanyang Museum in Yilan County.
*Transportation http://www.lym.gov.tw/eng/en_service_2.asp
*Meal service Coffee and beverages, delicious breakfast, exquisite lunch and dinner, leisurely afternoon and evening tea.
  • Minimum amount spent of NT$80 per person.
  • Beverages: NT$80~150/cup
  • Breakfast set meal: NT$100/set (hot coffee of the day may refilled for free)
  • Lunch and dinner set meal: NT$145~248/set (including a main course, beverage and thick soup)
  • Noon and evening tea set meal: NT$130~210/set (including beverage and dessert)
  • Student group afterschool activity set meal: NT$80/set (including sandwich and beverage)
*Other services
  • Free wireless Internet
  • For delivery services, please contact the store manager
  • Reservation three days in advance is required for group meals of more than 30
  • Student afterschool groups that come for a meal in the store please make a reservation three days in advance
  • Seat-reservation or block booking will not be available during summer vacation or holidays
Museum Specialty Store: Lanyang Cultural Journey

Museum Specialty Store: Lanyang Cultural Journey

From the perspective of management and design, together with the exceptional conditions in the natural environment, an unconventional creative cultural store was created. The store is located on the first floor of the museum and is enhanced by the expansive ocean scenery; demonstrating the leisure, tranquility and cultural characteristics of the Lanyang Museum. The design and management of the museum adopts an exquisite and a unique style, while the interior decoration is inspired by the themes of warmth, nature, comfort, safety and cultural expression. Succinct spatial lines are employed; through the application of natural colors, copious quantities of the original unadorned design elements have been used. Furthermore, cultural, spatial and architectural elements are integrated to match the museum’s ambiance. Small souvenirs featuring the style and character of Yilan and the Lanyang Museum have been launched, including cups, notebooks, woven fabrics, paper products or lifestyle items. Through intrinsic and extrinsic qualities, it is hoped to highlight the local characteristics and to share the environmental beauty with the public.

*Opening hours Tuesday to Sunday (08:30~17:30)
*Tel 03-977-7600
*Fax 03-977-7400
*Address No.750, Sec.3, Qingyun Rd., Toucheng Town, Yilan County
*Transportation info 1F of Yilan County Lanyang Museum
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